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    Avail Task Chair

    By combining a soft, resilient seat with the supple flexibility of a mesh back and supportive synchrotilt, Avail® task chairs let you sit comfortably for an extended time.

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    Auditorium Folding Chairs

    Auditorium folding chairs are the perfect choice where quality and quantity are key issues. With two cushion thicknesses, individuals are comfortable through an entire class or event.

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    Connection Zone Privacy Booth

    Connection Zone Privacy Booths tune out distractions.Each Privacy Booth creates a personal space for those seeking privacy in open andcollaborative environments. Retreat into a privacy bo...

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    Genesis Adjustable Desking System

    Genesis® desking is like no other desking solution on the market because of its flexibility, quality and affordability. Genesis lets you adjust your desk height as easily as you raise or lower your chair.

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    Connection Zone Benching

    Connection Zone Benching maximizes the squarefootage of a workspace. Connection Zone's universal design supports the focusedwork of an individual, serves as a touch-down space for a temporary user andfacilitates the collaborative process of a group.

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    Folding Chair 05

    Strength and durability are provided through a range of value-added features on KI's steel folding chairs.

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    Berlage Guest Chair

    The Berlage chair, part of the Blu Sky Collection, is not a chair with vertical legs, but one in which the line of the back extends through to the back legs.

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    Concerto Auditorium Seating

    Concerto® auditorium seating offers contoured comfort and contemporary design. Embrace creative teaching and accommodate students' needs with optional technology support.

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    Flat Screen Garage

    The Flat Screen Garage® is designed to save time. When you need high-tech access, just press the button and the worksurface transforms into a computing center in seconds. The motorized lift conveniently opens the security door and raises the flat screen display.

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    DuraLite Folding Table

    DuraLite® folding tables withstand the toughest demands of daily use. The unique honeycomb core, aluminum framework, superior materials and innovative design result in a lightweight folding table that is strong and durable.