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    Synthesis Table

    With graceful style, Synthesis® tables inspire collaboration and conversation. From board rooms to break rooms, Synthesis tables deliver great looks and superior performance.

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    System 3000 Panel System

    System 3000® panels easily conform to place, person and purpose. Shared spaces. Private offices. Semi-private workspaces. With an endless amount of edge styles and powerful components to choose from, this office panel system may be custom built to match your vision.

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    Activ8 Electrical System

    Activ8 is a UL 962 recognized component that allows up to eight duplex power modules to be connected to one standard 15-amp power cord.

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    Trek Table

    Discover a fresh perspective on table design with Trek® tables. The angled profile of the leg is a significant departure from traditional "floor-hugging" bases. This new design direction extends to more edge selections and design options, too.

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    Kurv Bench

    Kurv lobby benches offer an arched back support, smooth design lines and clean architectural style. Choose from a straight or angled configuration or tufted option for a minimalist solution to seating.

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    Grazie Stack Chair

    The Grazie® Collection features the world's first true ergonomic stack chair. Designed by Giancarlo Piretti, Grazie's Perfect Pivot™ is a patented frictionless mechanism that exactly mirrors natural body movement to provide the ultimate in sitting comfort. Add tablet arms or armrests for extra support.

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    WorkZone Desking System

    The WorkZone® desking system adjusts to your workspace by creating either private or collaborative spaces. Wired with five levels of power access, WorkZone offers many options for efficiency and productivity.

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    Trellis System

    Trellis is a simple power and data chase that enables greater workplace freedom.

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    Affina Occasional Tables

    Affina occasional tables effuse elegance through simplicity in design. Versatile in form, Affina tables are a perfect complement within any environment.

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    Rose Chair

    Rose Chair is compatible with healthcare demands and designer expectations. Distinctive dynamic motion promotes circulation and relaxation. Streamlined aesthetic enhances virtually any healthcare environment.