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    700 Series Vertical Files

    700 Series® vertical files, especially when combined with other 700 Series files and storage options, increase efficiency and productivity. Match any interior design intent with a variety of paint colors, pull options and complementary drawer fronts.

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    Bantam Guest Chair

    Bantam™ guest chairs feature clean and timeless lines that exemplify simplicity while remaining contemporary.

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    Darwin Casegoods

    Get the warm look and elegant solid wood edges that make Darwin® casegoods a superb designer tool and an excellent value. Built to survive the wear and tear of office use, the completely modular, non-handed design of Darwin® casegoods is a natural fit for any office.

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    700 Series Lateral Files

    700 Series® lateral files feature unmatched quality, superior strength and increased storage capacity. Information management can be optimized with convenient storage of many types of media.

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    Backbone Media Platform

    Backbone Media Platform is a media-sharing platform that supports technology, optimizes collaboration, and enhances flexibility.

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    Hub Modular Seating

    Hub™ brings contemporary styling to modular seating. It's as reconfigurable as it is versatile and can be ganged together to create modular layouts, or be used as stand-alone pieces, all while incorporating power.

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    Aristotle Casegoods

    The ability to conform to space and functional needs of any office environment make Aristotle laminate casegoods a flexible furniture solution for a private office or an open workspace.

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    Dante Casegoods

    Dante® laminate casegoods provide durable, attractive storage solutions at a comfortable price. A clean, transitional aesthetic complements your environment with a desirable, residential look and feel.

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    700 Series Bookcase

    KI 700 Series® bookcases are designed to optimally store standard three-ring binders on all shelves. Shelves are adjustable on 1" increments to accommodate other media storage needs.

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    Athens Table

    Athens tables bring people together, inspiring conversation and collaboration. Designed to complement virtually any décor, Athens cafeteria tables are available in a variety of sizes and finishes.